Friday, January 23, 2009

good bye cable

Well, two and a half months later of free's gone. Jamie and I turned on the television last night to find that we only get channels 2-6 and 14 and 15. That's okay. We officially cancelled our cable at the beginning of November and waited to see how long it would take before they turned off the feed. Looks like last night was the night...and I'm not really too sad.
Not really.
Good bye TLC. (I'll miss you Jon & Kate...and 8).
Good bye Treehouse.
Good bye sports channels (Jamie will grieve your absence.)
Good bye SLICE and HGTV. (My vice is no longer slice...)
Good bye Peachtree TV (you kinda sucked anyway) and the Food Network (yum).
Good bye YTV (your shows weirded me out) and Much Music (too much booty shakin').
Good bye MTV (all your shows are online anyway...).
Good bye cable...

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  1. I love John and Kate! Of course I don't watch it here...but I do frequent! And I am totally into "Ugly Betty" at the moment.


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