Thursday, January 8, 2009

heart beat!

This afternoon was my second midwife appointment and I had more questions than I usually do but Heather was delightful and patient and answered them all. Unfortunately for me there are no magical supplements for me to take so I don't burst blood vessels in my eyes again (I burst another one recently when I threw up).
But I did ask to hear the baby's heartbeat and she said we may or may not hear it but she would try.
And I heard it! It was like music to my worrying ears! Seriously. So good to hear those fast little beats (in the 160's for those who like to predict gender based on heartbeat).
So I feel much more confident to spread the news and STOP WORRYING!

I also ran into a couple I know from church who I knew THEY were expecting but they definitely did not know I was expecting. It was funny and I said we had just started to tell people. So that's fun that we're in at the same midwifery clinic. And we'll likely be in the nursery at church within a few months of each other. Yay for round two (for me, round one for them)!


  1. yippee!!! I was wondering what was going on and I should have just checked here.
    Praise the Lord. I am thankful.

  2. who's the couple from church. I probably don't know them.. but maybe??

  3. I'm so excited now it's more real to ME! I think the blog helps too ;) now I can know your every move haha!

  4. Suz, you probably know the guy...Rob the youth pastor? Do you know Kim, his wife?
    Anyway, that's who I saw in the office. :)


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