Monday, January 12, 2009

a peek into the mind of a pregnant woman

And so the nesting begins! I've got mental lists of things I want to do.
Today I sorted through Noah's clothing - got rid of all the things in his drawers and closet that are too small and put them in boxes (geez, this kid has a LOT of clothes!). I might even venture into MY closet next!
Here is my mental list of things I'd like to clean up and out:
1. My closet. Give away/get rid of all the clothes that are too small and I will likely never fit into again (sniff, sniff) or that I just don't like and won't wear regardless.
2. The linen closet. Basically it just needs to be reorganized as I've been haphazardly shoving things back in there after they've been cleaned.
3. The bathroom cupboards. Get rid of/give away soaps/things I won't use and get rid of old shampoos and soaps. Tidy!
4. Completely reorganize my kitchen (this one's for you, Mom). It's so disorganized and disheveled and it's only going to get worse with not only 2 adults and a toddler but a baby too!

So that's the short list.
No, that's the only list, so far.
Among other things on my mind are room reorganizing for when the baby comes - ie. where will the baby sleep? Should we shift stuff around in the office making room for a mini nursery?

And so this would explain the phenomenon of pregnancy brain. Your brain gets taken over with planning and organizing that there is no room left for normal every day things like what things are called, where things go or where I last left my glass of water.


  1. is this really what pregnancy does - causes you to rearrange!? why?

    i'm so fascinated.

  2. Hey, is there a way to be a "follower" of this blog or did you disallow that privilege? just trying to organize that's all ;)

  3. Beth: Well, I'm not so sure it's the pregnancy that causes you to rearrange, but it is supposedly one of the factors leading to "nesting" - so like washing all the baby's clothes, getting the baby's (and house) ready for the baby, etc. In my case that means we need to rearrange our current set up.


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