Friday, January 16, 2009

Week 13

Not too much new here.
I seem to get hungry every 2 hours but then I end up eating the wrong thing (ie. sugar). Eek. Not good!
I'm feeling more energetic (yahoo!) and I'm finding myself nesting already! Perhaps it's the months of feeling like doing absolutely nothing and perhaps it's the pregnancy hormones kicking it in, but either way I've sorted and put away all of the clothes in Noah's closet that were too small and put them away in boxes.
Today I sorted through all the clothes in my closet and drawers and ended up with a Rubbermaid bin full of clothes that either don't fit or I don't particularly like (most of them fell into the first category, unfortunately) as well as a black garbage bag full!
I'm getting excited to find out whether this baby is a boy or a girl and I've already bought a crib (used for $40! It's really nice too!) and I'm looking around to borrow a bassinet or something. I'm doing room layouts in my head for Noah's room and the spare room and trying to figure out how to best use our space.'s good. It was fun to pull out all my maternity clothes today. I like my maternity clothes.
But I'm still in my normal clothes for now.
So that's that!

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