Wednesday, January 6, 2010

no more buzz cuts

Our latest Noah adventure was trying to cut his hair with the clippers.
I think it's possible that we are all scarred for life because of that hair-raising ( BAD is that pun?) fiasco.
I literally had to pin him straight up into his highchair and hold his hands down in the kitchen while Jamie buzzed his head.
Initially it was me who started out with the clippers but I think it pulled his hair and so "it hurt" (as he likes to say) and he was determined to make the entire experience one gigantic scream-fest.
So Jamie took over and the poor kiddo had tears streaming down his face - he did NOT want a "buzz cut". It's still a teeny bit choppy in spots but later on I made it a game with the scissors of us saying, "Snip snip" as I tried to cut some of the longer hair, but for my sister's wedding in a month and a bit we'll have to approach it a different way.
Now he says that he doesn't want a buzz cut but he'll take a "Pooh cut" next time.
You make the connection.
I did consider stopping but then I looked at my son and there was no way he could have half a hair cut. And going to the hairdressers wasn't going to be any better of a situation so we persevered.
I'll probably go and get a better set of clippers and put Winnie the Pooh stickers all over it or something.

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  1. Oh, too funny!! Maybe with a Pooh cut he can be watching a good Pooh movie and eating something deliciously 'honey-like'!!


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