Sunday, January 31, 2010

food and fun

My brain is feeling rather mushy right now but I'm going to attempt to blog.
Today was Jen's baby shower. I personally think EVERY baby should be showered before (or after, whichever your preference) their entrance into the world.

*Happy Birth Day Birthday!*

This will be her third child. A girl. She'll be arriving on Super Bowl Sunday (1 week!). I can't wait! I'm so excited for Jen, her husband and their kids. What will baby Naomi be like? What will she look like? Will she look more like Elijah or Hannah? I pray she has a sweet spirit and is a great eater and sleeper for her Mommy. :)

So we threw Jen a shower. It was wonderful. Good food, good times with women I love and getting to meet some women that I often hear about from Jen. That was really cool.
The hard thing about where I'm at is that still exclusively breastfeeding Jude, I brought him with me. But trying to host, attend to a baby and enjoy people and food are all very had to do at the same time. Plus the fact that Jude completely REFUSED to nap for the ENTIRE DAY. But he was surprisingly well behaved. He definitely had a few meltdowns, but ... I'm actually quite impressed that he made it from 8:30am - 7pm with no nap.

But it made me a bit sad not to be able to stay later, talk longer and hang out with more people. I know that it's the stage I'm in, but part of me feels like life is whizzing past me and I am just reaching out trying to grasp what I can, but I know that so much is flying by and I'm just either not a part of it or not aware of it. And I want to be both!

I know I just need to remind myself that this stage of breastfeeding is quite short and there will be more showers and weddings and parties to attend to that I won't have to bring my babies to. And one day I'll be there. But for now I know that it's my job to treasure, hug and love on my babies. Because I have babies who are alive and healthy and so gosh-darn-cute!

This was a tad rambly...but I believe I did say that my brain was a bit mushy. So you were warned.

Some of the food we enjoyed at the shower today:

Shrimp Salad wraps I successfully made - they were delish!

Ridiculously adorable RED VELVET CUPCAKES made by our amazing downstairs neighbour, Emily!


  1. Yummy looking food!!
    You are right about baby's all having a welcome to the world shower! It's the one thing I regret not organizing for Jude - is 6 or 7 months later still okay???
    Good job with the shower!

  2. Those shrimp roles look great! Recipe please?

    Question: How long are you planning to breastfeed Jude for? I always assumed I'd do it until they get teeth (AH!) or 6 months... what comes first? Gosh, I know NOTHING for a woman who's going to be a mom in 6 months!


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