Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today I watched a bunch of old videos I had uploaded on Facebook with Noah sitting my lap watching them all.
I watched one that I took while we were in Chicago last March (?). I was astounded at how much Noah has grown! He's such a little boy now, where last March he was in the toddler stage with lots of squeals and grunts (to be honest, such a FUN age!).
Noah's currently suffering through a head cold and it's really hard to watch him sniffle and snort and barely be able to talk through all the mucous and phlegm. Poor fella. But I've been teaching him to blow his nose and now I just ask him if he needs a kleenex and he goes over and wipes it himself.
Jude is now sitting quite well! He eventually tilts to the side and falls over, but wow! We're there! I have a baby who can sit! He's squealing and grunting and "talking" and I wondered today with Jamie whether he was becoming a Mommy's boy. He's generally just happy to be held by SOMEONE - anyone! But it's clear that he's developing a stronger attachment with me as the days go by and he's more aware of who is holding him or taking care of him.
But it did warm my heart this morning as I was dropping them off at the PlayCare Center at the YMCA when "Miss Karla" got Jude out of his car seat he was all smiles for her and so excited for her to pick him up.
He's slept through the night (from bedtime at 7 'til morning is what I classify as sleeping through the night) a few nights now, but not consistently. I do have hope that full nights are on the way for good but for now I really can't complain. Generally he goes down at 7pm without a peep! And then up (if at all) around 4 or 5 for a quick feed and then back down 'til some time between 8 & 9! He's a sweet kiddo and I really can't complain.
There's so much to say and so many stories to tell...but for now I'll have to end with this quick update.

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