Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stream lining

There's a million and one thoughts floating around my head right now. They will slowly become blog entries. But not today.
Today I will be combining Noah's, Jude's and my blogs into this one blog; Strickly Speaking. For all things to do with my life as a wife, mother and woman. My loves, my passions, my stories, my adventures (for I hope to have many) will all mostly be shared here. Mainly for me. But if you decide to read along too, I welcome you with a big smile and a virtual cuppa.

Welcome to Strickly Speaking!


  1. vaness, do you know you can import the old blogs all into this place, so you have the history all together?

  2. Yeah. I was pretty sure I could, but didn't actually look into it yet. I will probably switch them over at some point. :)

  3. exciting and clever! looking forward to peeking into your world! :)

  4. Looking forward to this Vanessa! Thanks for sharing your heart with us all! Nice picture!

  5. Loving it Vanessa! I particularly love the sentence in your description that reads,
    "I do this mainly for me, but if you decide to read along too, I welcome you". That's what I do to.
    Continued Blessings,

  6. very cool!! I wondered how managed to keep up 3 blogs!! It is a bit of work!


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