Friday, January 8, 2010


Aaaaand we're good.
Yesterday I woke up and felt dizzy and nauseous all morning. Oh no. Oh.No.You.Did.Int.
I don't think having another baby so soon would be such a great idea. But I said, "Okay God...if this is what you want, we'll love and welcome this baby."
So I bought a pregnancy test last night to take this morning (cuz you're supposed to take it in the morning for best results or something).
Slept in ('til like 9:15! Woot!) got and fed the baby (cuz he was just lying in his crib wide awake and happy as a lark) and then took the test.
According to that test there will be no new Strickland in 9 months from now.
Jamie was sad.
We do want more...just maybe not with a 14 month age gap between #2 and #3!
Crisis over.


  1. Oh so that means we won't be watching a version of '18 Kids and Counting" Strickland

  2. 3 or 4 maybe...but 18? DEFINITELY NOT!

  3. oh. my. i'm out sick for a week and i miss all the good stuff. man! you had me on the edge of my seat there for a second! you DO know there are such things as false negatives, right? if you're still feeling sick in a week, perhaps you should test again?!

    love ya! and i like the new all-purpose blog! but i think the title should be "stricky speaking" instead. tee hee hee...

  4. Yikes!
    That's brads dream actually- all the kids insanely close in age, basically when ones 6 months old start trying for the next. I feel he'll change his mind when we actually have them :-)

  5. @Emily - yeah. I think if you have easy going kids that's an okay idea - it also depends on Ms. Flow returning by 6 months (never did with Noah 'til he was 9.5 months, still hasn't with Jude - def not complaining, though!).
    You'll have to tell me how he feels after you guys have your first some day. :)

  6. @Mel - yeah. I do know about false negatives. :p I feel fine today, though. :D
    But I'll be keeping an eye on things for sure!
    Well the name is a pun on our last name seeing as the phrase is actually "Strictly Speaking", not "STRICKLY Speaking". :)


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