Tuesday, May 29, 2007

crocs - they've done it again

Well, I do believe that Crocs have come out with a shoe that is both comfortable and stylish (personally I think that most of them are pretty cute, but some would disagree with me).
Say hello to the Croc Prima.
Today I purchased the black ones and am quite pleased with both the look and the feel. They are just like most other slip on flats, but quite a bit more comfortable than most.


  1. yes i've seen those. they're actually pretty and practical.
    Finally Crocs got it, comfy can be cute:)

  2. a. andrea! you have taken back your 'harsh' comments about crocs! im shocked!
    b. Nessy Im not sure why I have not been reading your blog! Im sorry!!! but im back!

  3. oh and
    c. I like your new layout

  4. i went hunting these down. So far the soo can supply the black ones....but I want the PURPLE ones!!!


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