Monday, March 26, 2007

the weirdness continues

I could probably have a dream blog for all the craziness of my dreams lately.
I won't go into details but my latest weird dream includes me talking to a hollow chocolate man who looked like Mario or Luigi, being compassionate towards a guy with leprosy but then being afraid it could hurt the baby and playing weird survivor games on competing islands.
It can only get weirder.


  1. Hi...sounds like you might need to change or stop whatever you're snacking on before bed!!! Try eating arrowroots instead...poor you!

  2. I don't remember if weird dreams are a part of pregnancy, but Nana has very weird dreams now so maybe they are part of the genes from Jamie! Nana also ate a lot of orange Life Savers when she was pregnant so I don't know if you should try them or stay away from them!



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