Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Introducing the little Peanut

There's the little peanut(it's that bright spot in the dark circle)!
It was worth all the pain and discomfort of holding my pee (it was really, really uncomfortable) to see the little guy and I even got to see his heart beating!
It was so amazing - and really cute, actually.
It's for real.
It's also funny to think that here I am, posting the inside of my uterus to the whole blogosphere.
It's funny what becomes acceptable when you're pregnant.
You can burp. Sleep more. Vomitting becomes expected. And mood swings - well, they just come with the territory.
Can I just elaborate on the whole holding my pee deal?
I can't even explain how much pain I was in. It took everything I had to focus on not peeing. Jamie wanted to help, but I told him to just leave me alone so I could focus on not letting anything tinkle out.
When the technician finally let me go (after pressing and prodding for what seemed like infinity - although I was distracted by how cool it was to see the little peanut on the screen) I think I peed for over a minute.
It was pretty much the longest pee I've ever had. I think I could out-pee any guy any day.
And now I've grossed out pretty much everyone.
It's my blog and you don't have to read it if you don't want to.
And now I sound officially pregnant.


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm going to be an Aunt! P.S. The name Jennifer means white wave... how cool is that, your baby girl would be so cool if she was named Jennifer. Not to say you're having a baby girl. Anyway, thanks for sharing your news and your blog, I'm very happy for you guys :)

  2. Welcome baby'll fit right in with the nuts in my family tree! It's really nice to get a peek at you...keep growing!

  3. Thanks for the honour of being privy to the little peanut. So exciting! Hmm, I WAS wondering about all the questions. But I figured that it was cuz you guys were on your way to pregnancy anyway. Love the details about holding the pee. A little trick for the later months when you get the baby's head and the technician both pressing on your bladder--you can go pee half way through to let off the pressure. You just have to tell the technician. btw, I the Surrey St. ultrasound people were really nice.


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