Friday, March 9, 2007

we interupt regularily scheduled prgramming...

Well, i dont have a bun in my oven, but the one who does invited me to contribute to this blog. I guarentee that i will post less that 10% of this blogs content, but i guess that makes it that much more special when i do!

I really dont have much to say other than i am quite excited to be a dad soon. Cant wait to indoctrinate him or her with such things as John Piper and the Maple Leafs. But alas, the one with the bun says dinner is ready, so i must go.

Grow Peanut Grow!


  1. Ok, so where did you get your oven? it's a rather exclusive club that have dibs on them!!
    But, keep the blog going!

  2. Well, he doesn't have an oven, but helped make the bun.
    So I'd say that qualifies him.


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