Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Post # 245.
What will I write about today?
I could write about how thrilled I am that mini eggs have gracefully danced their way back into my life.
I could write about - ok so I can't think of anything else really to write about.
Well, I can, but I've learned that some things are just better kept in a REAL journal. Unexposed to the whole bloggin' world.
I'm looking forward to this summer in Calgary.
I'm actually quite excited. Jamie and I get to spend May and June in Calgary, AB. Wooot. It'll be beautiful and fun and I'm really looking forward to building relationships with the other staff and students. I've never been on a national project so I am not sure what to expect, but I'm expecting God to use me to build deeply into all the awesome students who will working and living and ministering in the city of Calgary.
And of course I hear there is a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream shop in Calgary. *salivating already* The mountains will be glorious. And even the Calgary Stampede will be a blast!
I think it's going to be a goodie.
And right now I should be doing laundry.
But I think I'll procrastinate and fold prayer letters instead. Since I've procrastinated on that far longer than I have with the laundry.


  1. this year stampede is july 6-15... don't know if you'll be there during stampede!

  2. cal-ga-ry! cal-ga-ry! (said in chanting cheering voice)

    word up on the real vs online journal realization.

  3. i see silas has already broken the news to you - no stampede for you but you will have a wonderful time on project. national is so much fun!

  4. And you'll be sleeping in my bed!


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