Wednesday, February 28, 2007

vacation ponderings

So I thought I would write out a list of things I could possibly do this summer for my vacation:
1. Go out East - see Halifax, PEI and be a photography buff
2. Go to South Carolina - visit some friends, go to Myrtle Beach, NOT go golfing, go to outlet malls!
3. Go to Quebec (Montreal & Quebec city), see the sites, eat deliciously amazing food, be scoffed at for not speaking French
4. Go camping - somewhere cool...not sure where yet.
5. Go to a bed & breakfast somewhere - I'm positive there's a whole little subculture at b&b's
6. Find some ridiculously cheap last minute vacation to somewhere tropical and get fabulously tanned and gorgeous
7. Stay at home and be a hermit. Read lots. (BORING!)
8. Go to the beach - a lot.
9. Visit friends in Sault Ste. Marie
10. Take a course of some kind - photography, cooking, sewing, etc.

Any other thoughts?


  1. I'm thinking of the Quebec idea myself... there's apparently a supply boat that goes all the way up the St. Lawrence river that people can ride. I have to sit down at some point and research it. But yeah, it sounds awesome ...

  2. you can stop in Quebec on your road trip to the Maritimes where you can rotate bed and breakfasts and camp you can also read lots and go to the beach during your venture!!!

  3. who do you know in the soo? i vote for that one.

  4. I totally echo kelley's suggestion. in fact, she took the words right out of my mouth. and if we're not around, which I hope we are, you and yo' hubby can stay at our place as a lauching pad for all adventures maritimey.

    my bro, a few friends and myself love to go on trips to try out different camera shots ... it's not a lesson necessarily, but it would be fun!

  5. I think visiting friends in the DR would be oodles of fun! :) We would love to have you guys here. xo us


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