Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the human life

*pro-life opinions being given in this blog entry*

Wow. A baby was born at 21 weeks and 6 days.
The youngest baby to ever be born and survive. She was a little bit bigger than a pen.
This is incredible.
Did you also know that in the US (and I think Canada) you can get an abortion up to 24 weeks.
24 weeks!
This actually sickens me.
About the time when you find out you are pregnant the baby's heart and circulatory system are being developed.
At 18 days, the baby's heart starts to beat.
18 days!
It breaks my heart that so many women abort their babies...every single day. Every single day so many women miscarry or can't conceive after months and months or years of trying for that little addition to their family.
What an amazing miracle that little 21 week old baby is - but what a shocking realization to the medical and science community.
The human life is more resilient than we ever thought it could be.
Check out this link for the whole story on the tiny baby.

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  1. Wow Vanessa - that story heavied my heart (in a good way). I recently read this story where a little girl was born with a severe nervous disorder that the doctors thought would do serious damage to her development. Her nerves were so sensitive that she could not be held by her mother or father for the first two months of her life. The little girl eventually grew-up and was healthy, and when she was about 5-years-old or so, she mentioned to her mother that she had some kind of recollection of Jesus' presence in her life during those two months when she couldn't be touched.

    I wonder about the little girl in the story you posted - how Jesus is drawing near to her and sustaining her precious life.

    That's exactly what life is to Him: precious. It seriously burdens my heart to think about abortion - ending lives that are precious to their Creator.

    Thanks for this article.



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