Monday, February 5, 2007

the switch up

Changing churches is always hard.
We've decided to find a church in Guelph so we can get more involved (our old church was in Kitchener). It's a harder decision for me because the worship at our Kitchener church was incredibly professional and the musicians and singers are all so talented. I love good music and I find it actually LESS distracting for me and easier to worship God.
But it was further away for us and we weren't being challenged from the Word as we desired to be.
So here we are, having found our new church and already so many people have introduced themselves to us and it's been great. The worship is far from perfect, but I think it's a lesson in worshipping God because He deserves it and ultimately because I long to worship Him - not because the music is any "professional" or prettier sounding.
And already I felt incredibly challenged and fed from the Word today. Genesis 39 - temptation and what we can learn from Joseph.
But I'm excited.
Although according to one wonderful girl I know, it was like her two worlds were colliding when she saw us. I think it was a bit of a shock for us to be on "her territory". Funny girl.
Nonetheless, territory or not...we've found our new church home.


  1. Can you say what church? I am interested...

  2. that brat must be an only child. ;P

  3. Hi Vanessa!

    What great news indeed; I'm happy for you and Jamie!

    Too bad you didn't enjoy Thrice. About introducing you to more great Christian bands - you can listen to their songs on


    Can you please pray for me? I received a letter of acceptance from the University at Buffalo to their clinical doctorate program for audiology while I haven't heard from the other 8 grad schools yet. Please pray that God will choose for me the school I should attend and that I will listen when He speaks. Thank you so much!



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