Saturday, August 11, 2007

nursing bras

Oh and on the nursing bra front:
I went downtown Guelph today to this funky store called On the Verge to look for a cute wallet I saw when I was there back in February. Unfortunately they were out and won't be getting anymore in until late October. Dang.
So I went next door to the cute maternity/baby store called Babydolls. I found a cute maternity skirt for $10 and as I was paying I noticed they had nursing bras.
So I had to try them on of course.
And I found 2 I really liked! Hoorah! One was stylish AND supportive and the other one was just uber supportive. Which is great. Being stylish is definitely appreciated but mostly unnecessary.
Thank you Bravado Bras! I like you.

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  1. There's nothing like having a bra that fits right and is comfortable and supportive! And of course looks good!!


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