Wednesday, August 8, 2007

some updates and a bit of a rant

It seems as though I have hit the stage of discomfort. I have just started getting back pains and am definitely finding it harder to get up and down from sitting on chairs/couches. It's not too bad and I am learning to find ways of sleeping or sitting that are more comfortable for me. I've also hit the "waking-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-to-go-pee" stage. Which is ok. I usually fall right back to sleep.
I also re-did my gestational diabetes screening test. Still high. *sigh*
So now I have to go back and do the test where I have to fast and then they take my blood 2 or 3 times I think. Sick. So that stinks. I need to stop eating so much sugar I think. My sweet tooth has been indulged quite a bit, I must admit.
And now for a rant: *disclaimer to any male reading this - discussion about bras and fitting will commence now - read at your own risk*
How hard is it to make a supportive, well-fitting nursing bra? Apparently pretty hard. I tried on all of the nursing bras I could find at Sears today (which was maybe 4 different styles). I eventually settled on one style (after trying on several different sizes both cup and band) but still am unimpressed with the ugliness of how they make breasts look (obviously not the one I bought or else I wouldn't have paid money for it - but fell short of my normal bras)! I really want 2 mini torpedoes on my chest? Isn't it enough that I will have a jelly belly and healing "down there" to do? The least the bra manufacturers could do is give a girl some support and proper shape!
So if any of you women out there know of a well-fitting, supportive nursing bra, please email me and tell me where to find it! (And none of this online purchasing - how can I know if it fits if I can't try it on?!)
But other than that...things are great! I still need to figure out when I'll start taking my maternity leave.

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  1. Dang. That does NOT make me want to get prego.


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