Thursday, August 16, 2007

midwife appointment #....?

Is it possible to be proud of your child before he is born? :D
Today during my appointment with my midwife (and intern) she kept saying, "What a smart baby you have" and I am sure she says that to all women, but still. He's already head down and in the right position.
Yay baby!
Medical health update:
I don't have gestational diabetes! Phewf. glad about that.
My iron is a bit low so I just need to up my iron intake in my food. No supplements needed at this point.
Other than that...everything else is good. It was my quickest appointment yet! In 25 minutes I think we were in and out.
And I had my most disgusting conversation yet with my midwife today. I won't post it because it was pretty detailed and definitely too much information for the blogosphere to handle...but I appreciated it. I like being able to talk about gross stuff that's happening and know that she's not going to scrunch up her face in disgust and say, "That's disgusting! You are one weird woman."
Even though I am. :D


  1. Well of course you have a smart baby, look at who his parent's are!!

  2. Okay, being the nurse that I am, I wanna know what the grossitating stuff me chickie...LOL...I'm serious!


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