Saturday, August 11, 2007

cheerleaders and me

Well I am just full of little thoughts and ponderings today!
This one is from the Argos game I went to last night.
With cheer leading being so prevalent in the game of football (or throw ball as my good friend likes to call it) I was forced to watch the jostlings and gyrations of the "Blue Thunder" cheerleaders - or are they called the dance pack?
If so that changes the direction of this email.
No matter, for this post's sake let's say they're still called cheerleaders.
Now...the purpose of a cheerleader is to cheer on the team, is it not? If this is so, then why do they spend their down time watching the game and then when it comes to "cheer" they turn around and face the crowd to perform their pseudo-strip tease as if performing for US?
Also...why are they doing all of this right in front of the family zone? For all those happily married dads? For all those happily married moms? The 8 year old boys? For whom exactly are they performing?
Needless to say...I'm not a fan.


  1. Good points!
    '... the dance pack...' that makes me snort in derision.

    Justin liked this post too, but he was afraid to comment in case of being misunderstood.


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