Monday, August 27, 2007

Watch Your Language!

On Sunday, September 9th, CBC is airing a show called Test the Nation: Watch your language!
Basically you see if you can answer timed questions about spelling, grammar, word origins and common everyday mistakes people make when it comes to words and language.
I was curious so I went to the website and found out that you can't take the actual test YET (although you can download it so when the show airs you can play along and see how smart you are) but you can click on a link on the right hand side that says: Mental Gym and do a series of 6 warm ups.
I did fairly well, but only got 100% on one out of six warm ups (the other 5 I got 70% once and 80% the other 4 times). They also don't tell you which answers you got wrong and what the correct answer was - which was hard for me to handle, but I think I'm over it.
Anyway, you too can test your word IQ at and see how you do!
(Beth Fisher I'm curious to see how you do!)


  1. WOWSERS! even without the invite, i would totally have done these quizzes. this is my secret nerdy life. I actually want to be on this show. (I HATE "txt talk," just like you mentioned in a previous post.)

    #1 - 90%
    #2 - 100%
    #3 - 90%
    #4 - 90%
    #5 - 90% (It should have been 100, because I hit the wrong button once.)
    #6 - 90%

  2. Beth Fisher you really ARE a word nerd! I love it. I didn't like the txt talk either. Too easy! And not a real category.

  3. Ok, I tried the warmup and got 80%...not sure how many there were..I'll look tomorrow when I'm not so tired!

  4. hehe those tests are soo fun! Or maybe its because being in Edmonton makes everything fun.....

  5. You may have started something at home...I read your instructions this time, found 8 tests...hmmm what happened to my high IQ?? yup, and Curtis checked it out too!!


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