Saturday, August 11, 2007


I think I need to update things on the test for diabetes front.
So I went in to the lab for the 2nd stage of the testing.
I had to fast overnight (who doesn't fast overnight?) and then go in in the morning to get blood taken. Then drink the orange pop, wait an hour, get my blood taken again, wait another hour and then get my blood taken one final time.
I didn't feel strange or weird or have any of the symptoms they asked me about but I guess that doesn't necessarily mean anything.
I have a midwife appointment on Tuesday so I guess I'll hear all about how things went and what the status is then.
In the meantime...I can't stay away from SUGAR!!!!
Jamie bought this bag of marshmallow bananas for me when we went to the Argos game last night and I can't stop eating them.
It's like crack cocaine.
I put them away on the top shelf of the cupboard. That seems to have curbed my compulsive reaching into the bag and eating them. For now. Eep.

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  1. You've got to find a new crave... like nuts or fruit in season like peaches, apples, grapes...although all of them have sugar (doesn't matter whether it's organic, natural or's all instant sugar to the body), at least fruit has fibre which takes longer to break down...that matters!


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