Tuesday, August 28, 2007

random update

Well, I'm not full of any big news or ponderings. Being pregnant is somewhat normal at the moment. I'm uncomfortable sometimes, but not in any pain. Sometimes there's a bit of back pain, but I try to ignore it as I've had such a great pregnancy thus far.
School is starting up again next week so we'll see how I handle full days on campus. This will be interesting for sure. But I am looking forward to it.
I am also getting more excited for this baby to actually come. I'm not impatient or wishing the days would go by faster, but I am feeling a healthy amount of excitement. Before I think reality was kicking me hard in the butt and I was struggling more with a lot of different fears or concerns about how my life would change.
Anyhoo...another midwife appointment this week - we'll see what new and exciting with me by then.

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  1. Yes, things should be pretty 'normal' right now and no pain! That's just for the birth! Just think of your busy schedule as a great diversion from the waiting game!!


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