Saturday, September 1, 2007

braxton hicks

I had another midwife appointment. It went well. I met the new intern and she's in her last placement which means she's more experienced. She'll be around when I give birth which should be good!
Not too much happened. We talked about breast feeding and braxton hicks contractions and then they took blood again to see if my iron had gone up at all (oh I sure hope so).
I asked them what a Braxton Hicks contraction felt like because a few people had asked me if I'd had them yet and I didn't know what they felt like.
Well, wouldn't you know it, last night I was at a bar to see my friend's brother play in a band and near the end my stomach got really tight and I started to feel crampy. Exactly how they had described it. It was uncomfortable and a tiny bit painful but everything was fine and it went away.
So that was weird...but ironic that the week I ask about it, I actually get one!
So that's my big news so far.

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