Friday, September 7, 2007

some tidbits

Well it has been an interesting week to say the least.
1. I haven't received so many double takes in my life. Being back on the university campus I can almost see the confusion in all the first year's eyes. "Is she a student?" "Is she a first year? But she's pregnant..." "I'm confused."
I got asked if I was a first year at least twice and I couldn't help but let out a laugh at the absurdity of the question. Really? You really think someone would come to school when they only have a month and a bit left on campus? That seems ridiculous to me.
So that was interesting. But funny.
2. Jamie and I went to our first prenatal class. It was...pretty good. My favourite part of the first class was when we talked about the pain of labour and the instructor described the general idea of what contractions feel like (usually) so I feel like I have a better idea.
Jamie has officially left his mark as "the funny guy" I'm pretty sure. The instructor handed out a sheet titled, "Affirmations for Pregnancy and Labour". We were supposed to read through them and pick the one that suited us best and that we liked the best.
Jamie picked: My cervix opens easily like a flower to the sun.
So that got a few laughs.
I picked: My body knows how to birth our baby. Women have been birthing successfully for thousands of years.
And it's true.
Anyway, so I'm pretty tired from a really full week back on campus and am going to hit the hay so I can be somewhat rested for our busy day tomorrow in shower #2.


  1. Yes, your body will know what to do! I'm sure the classes will help with alot of info that will go right out the window once labour starts...hopefully Jamie will remember while you're contracting and make sensitive and timely suggestions!!
    ..only 6 wks to go!! woohoo!

  2. ok, i love your blog. (got your card the other day, thanks)

    and i wish i could make brad read it. man would he cringe...

    when i am back in town, we have to squeeze in a visit. i HAVE TO SEE this baby. and you. i have to see you.


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