Tuesday, September 11, 2007

a watery incident

Well tonight started off with a bang. Or rather a drip. Or many drips.
I was sitting at the kitchen table typing away on my laptop when I heard splashing noises behind me. I turned around and noticed that the kitchen sink was full and over flowing. Like gushing over flowing.
I think I probably squealed for Jamie to come because our kitchen was flooding and then I ran to find the phone to call the super while Jamie held the plug in the bottom of the sink. On my way back to the kitchen I grabbed a towel (one of the few that are left out - I happened to pack up all our towels only just yesterday) and threw it on the ground. Water was now all over the floor and seeping into the living room carpet.
The super came over and in her adorable Newfie accent was saying "Oh my God. Oh my God."
The flow eventually stopped as Jamie was able to plug the sink (the water was coming UP from the drain) and we managed to mop up the floor and clear most things out of the way.
Currently the plumber is over and the super is back and I'm sitting with my foot up (currently I'm a bit of an invalid thanks to an extremely painful wart treatment on my foot) and writing about the incident while everyone else to clean up the mess.
So I'm about as useful as crumbs are at keeping mice away.
What a night.


  1. Yikes!! I hope it was clean water coming up the pipe!! Well what next.. staying out of it was a wise decision...you don't need any bacteria at this stage of the game!


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