Wednesday, September 19, 2007

being pregnant

My newest saying to describe how I feel:
I'm large and in charge.

Except I'm totally not in charge of this pregnancy. For the first time I feel somewhat uncomfortable. I walk slower and I think I'm starting to get a waddle. Walking for long distances really puts pressure on my lower abdomen as gravity and a growing child inside of me is taking its toll.
I'm going to the bathroom at least once a night...often twice.
Usually I can get comfortable when trying to fall asleep, but sometimes it's a bit harder to find that comfy position.
Stretch marks are starting to take up residence on my sides but they're just little right now.
Painting and physical labour is not conducive to being 8 months pregnant.
Still loving being pregnant (I'm not lying. Or trying to convince myself.) and most of the time I just feel like I will feel this way for the rest of my life.
On my walk from my car to the University Centre I was pondering that fact. That I feel like I'm going to be pregnant for forever. Or at least a long time. I think it's because often when things happen to your body (like you gain weight, etc.) you often stay that way for awhile. (Often, not always) but the change is so gradual that rarely does it produce an outcome - such as a new life that shifts from one stage (being pregnant) to another (not being pregnant and having a baby to take care of).
Anyway, I'm really tired right now so I'm not entirely sure if this makes sense.
But that's my post for today.

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