Wednesday, September 19, 2007

tired and paint covered

If I weren't pregnant I would lie down on my stomach on the newly installed carpet in my new apartment.
But I am pregnant. And I'm fairly certain lying down on my back would just make me feel uncomfortable.
After 2 evenings of painting we are DONE painting the spare room (aka Spare Oom) (colour: Spa Blue), the Baby's room (Golden Champagne), our bedroom (Manilla Tan) and the kitchen cabinet doors (good ole black).
Overall, I am pleased with the outcome.
I've learned that I'm not good with being patient in the interim. I like to have the final product - NOW. To see those walls with 1 coat of paint and the lack of paint in some areas, the imperfect cracks and uneven ceilings (some apartments just have uneven walls!) was frustrating for me. I fretted and worried (not too much, though) over whether it was worth it to paint if it was going to look so bad. But after a healthy second coat I'm pleased and content at the fact that we are done painting, but more pleased that after all that work (and money) it looks really good.
Now to get those doors back up on the cabinets.
I'm impatient.
It's true.
A truism some might call it.

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  1. I am totally like you. Which was why it was frustrating to take a week or so to paint our apartment when I anticipated a few days. I'm excited to see your place though!


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