Tuesday, September 11, 2007


What an ordeal. We're trying to move from our current apartment to a 3 bedroom apartment that is literally across our parking lot. Owned by the same company and managed by the same superintendent.
So originally we were supposed to move in this Saturday - September 15th. So we made plans for that.
Then our super calls and tells us we can't move in until the 18th.
Then we decide we'll paint on the 18th and move on the 19th.
Then we figure that moving mid-week is really inconvenient and ask our super if we can move in on a weekend.
She says it's now possible to move on the 15/16th but then changes her mind and so we finally decide on the 22nd. So we'll probably get in there before and do some painting but hold off on the moving until the 22nd.
So...the final move-in date is: Saturday, September 22nd.
I think.

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