Monday, September 24, 2007

cankles R us

Today I finally know what swollen ankles look like.
I looked down at my feet this evening after getting home from grocery shopping and was shocked to see my right ankle looking grotesquely large. It was so hideous I sat down right away and propped my feet up - and I couldn't stop staring at it! It's still somewhat swollen, but I drank a lot of water (as recommended by Jenn) and kept my feet up until I had to go to the bathroom (or get a snack).
I think everything is coming on me all at once.
1. I'm hungry a lot now.
2. My ankles swell.
3. My temperature seems to be consistently warmer than Jamie's. For the entire summer people have been saying to me "Wow - this summer must have been a hot one for you!" but it's been honestly just as hot for me as anyone else. But NOW...Jamie always wants to close the windows or balcony door and I'd prefer to keep it open since I'm always a little warm.
Here I am...8 months pregnant and actually still loving it. Even the cankle.


  1. wow..i can't believe the big day is coming so soon!!! time really does fly!!!

  2. I'm so sweet Banesser will be entering the wonderful world of motherhood!! It's so incredible! Love ya!


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