Sunday, September 9, 2007

I live in a bubble

Sometimes I realize the bubble I live in. I look into a mirror and realize how sheltered I am and how cushy life is for me.
I was flicking through some channels and happened upon a show called Ransom Squad which is all about a squad in Sao Paolo, Brazil (the #1 kidnapping capital in the world) and how these people try and rescue kidnap victims.
I can't imagine living in constant fear of being kidnapped or held for ransom (not that anyone close to me has millions of dollars to give in random money) for money that my husband or family may or may not have.
To witness this squad driving through shanty towns and to see the absolute poverty these people live in is ... mind blowing. We have so much here. Peace of mind. Safety. Wealth. Education. Comfort. Freedom of religion. It's incredible.

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  1. i met someone from brazil this summer who had left because of fear of kidnapping - her cousin had been taken ransom, and there was the very real threat that someone from their family would be next...

    we live in a different world.


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