Friday, September 14, 2007

2nd prenatal class

Last night was our second prenatal class. We watched the dreaded birthing videos.
I was both curious and grossed out (preemptively) to see little heads coming out of vaginas. (On an entirely immature side note, I think I'm the only one in the entire class that giggles when she says "vagina" or "vaginas are very stretchy" or anything like that - I'm so immature.)
However, the video was not that bad and although it WAS extremely close up it was set to music (sounds delightful I'm sure) and so you didn't get to hear all the screaming/moaning/weird noises the women were making. So it looked almost surreal and peaceful - which is definitely something that you DON'T get to see on TLC.
Anyway so that was interesting.
I learned how much I don't know about the woman's anatomy - specifically with the baby inside. We were supposed to label a picture (kinda like in health or science class) and I had no idea that the arrow pointing to the uterus was the uterus. *shrug* Oh well. Now I know I guess.
I did get the mucous plug, though.
There sure are a lot of things to do with pregnancy and labour and birth that sound really disgusting.
I think my thoughts concerning birth after seeing that video are the following:
1. birth is gross - lots of fluid and blood and ickiness and that's just kinda gross - natural and normal...but still gross.
2. birth is amazing - it's still blowing my mind that a little human being just comes out of women and that's how this earth is populated. Watching that little head push forward and then the rest of the body practically shooting out is pretty incredible.
3. birth is hard and scary but the body is pretty astounding at coping and putting up with so much pain - I also learned that the woman pushing only contributes to 30% of pushing the baby out - it's actually your body/uterus that does most of the pushing to get that baby out. Absolutely amazing!
Anyway, so I'm both amazed and yet kinda grossed out in a normal way. I would say I'm more amazed than grossed out.


  1. i think i just got even more grossed out...:P i'm content with holding the babies after they're six months old, and spoiling them rotten with toys and such. it pays to be an "auntie".

  2. It's amazing how quickly those 'icky' bits become milestones to watch for during the labour! I think it's awesomely amazing for God to have designed the entire process in finite detail...yup, even the plug!


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