Monday, August 13, 2007


So there's a certain someone in my life that watches a certain show - or rather certain showS that I am trying my darndest to boycott. Mainly because my outlook on life and money and dating and relationships is holding me to my values and telling me that if I watch these shows and actually like them, that I'm a hypocrite.
But then isn't watching shows like Friends and Seinfeld where people casually sleep around with others hypocritical of me?
Oooooh....I just don't know. I can feel myself being drawn in, but I must resist. Partially because I am stubborn and don't want to cave for pride's sake...and partially because I don't want to like or be entertained by the shallow lifestyles of such people. And partially because I don't want to hear "aha! I knew you would like this show" from that certain someone - especially after all my comments and head shaking at said certain someone. AND partially because I also don't want to watch this show and get all self-righteous (or maybe I already am) and snotty and make comments that would sound just down right bratty if anyone else said them.
More to come on my imminent caving in...

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  1. I think this is a fine line. I understand your concern for your own mind and I understand how you don't want to support shows that commend poor life choices. I often feel as though most TV is not worthy of being watched. I think there's aspects of any show that someone can benefit from as long as we maintain a critical mindset when watching them. This will bring you joy and also enable you to connect with people about things that they care about. All this said, I'm still formulating my opinion about all of this. My opinion is more about the intention we have with TV more then what's on it.


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