Sunday, August 26, 2007


I realized today I have a lot of pet peeves. Or just things that annoy me. Which, incidentally was a category for a game of "Things" I played on Friday and I couldn't think of anything to write. Which became my answer.
I need to preface this entry by saying a few things;
I am a laid back person. I'm up for just about anything and am generally easy going about most things. I am not (generally) anal about a lot of things and can handle a bit of dirt and chaos. Honestly I wasn't feeling like writing about anything else and had been meaning to write a few of these things down. Now seemed like a fairly appropriate time to do so.
So, here are a few things that annoy me (warning: if you feel convicted or like I am perhaps pointing the finger at you - I am not. I have no one in mind when I am writing this so please don't apologize. However, you could stop doing the annoying thing you are doing. :D)

1. When people post photo albums with pictures that aren't turned. Honestly, I probably won't even look at the picture. I'm not tipping my laptop just so I can get a proper view of your picture.
2. When people who post photo albums include multiple pictures that are of the same, or almost the same thing. I don't need to see 8 shots of the same pose of the same people. Pick the best one and forget the rest. Filter, people.
3. When people invite me to add applications on Facebook. I will ALWAYS ignore/reject the offer. ALWAYS.
4. Forwards. Even if it is a "good" one - if it says "Forward" in the subject (and isn't work related), it gets deleted. If I sense it's a forward but open it anyway and it IS a forward...delete - with a bit of extra vigour as I press that delete key. Please don't ever send me a forward. I hate them.
5. When people have their turn signal on and they have no intention of either turning or changing lanes. This is especially frustrating on the highway.
6. When people (driving) turn out in front of me when I'm going (probably) 70 and feel it is important to only speed up to 40 km/hour.
7. Bicyclists who ride side-by-side on the road and refuse to fall into line so I can pass them. This REALLY bothers me and has happened to me (and Jamie) twice taking the back roads to Toronto with "speed" bikers or "racers" or whatever they are. (You know the type with the tight clothes, speedy (aka expensive) bike and extremely stream-lined helmet.) I'm fairly certain this is illegal. After all, isn't each bike a vehicle on the road? Since when do cars drive side by side on a single lane road? Shouldn't bikers adhere to the same rules? Someone's asking for a back-tire nudge.
8. People who park badly. On the line, over the line, taking up two doesn't matter. The incompetency - and really, the inconsideration of people who don't park within the lines!
9. On a similar note, people who drive expensive cars and purposely take up TWO spots so that someone won't park up close to them and scratch their beloved vehicle. It's a car. Get over it. Or else buy a Honda Civic.
10. When people can't be bothered to type "you" and write "u" instead - this also goes for "2" instead of "to" or "too", "4" instead of "for", and especially "b4" instead of - you guessed it - "before". Generally the lazy web language people use that really drives me crazy. I've loosened up on punctuation and capitalization, but it's still better if people include periods and write "I" instead of "i". Check this (albeit hilarious) link out for a perfect example of lack of punctuation and capitalization. (Turn up your volume.)
11. When people in my building refuse to make eye contact with me and say hi. It's crazy how individualistic we are.
12. When people make racist comments and expect that anyone who hears them should agree.
13. Getting ketchup (or mustard) juice on a sandwich because I forgot to shake the bottle.
14. When people don't put away their shopping carts and leave them haphazardly in the parking lot. That really bugs me.

There are definitely more, but I'm starting to feel negative and that wasn't exactly the point of this entry.
I think my next entry will be things that delight me.

One more thing to add to this post:
15. When pulling up to a stop sign and there's enough room for a car to take 1 lane to wait to turn left and 1 lane for a car to wait to turn right and people who are turning LEFT sit right smack dab in the middle so NOBODY CAN PASS THEM TO TURN RIGHT. Grrr. That really bugs me.


  1. I wonder if the list would be different if you wrote it at 11am!! but I am looking forward to the delightful list!!

  2. oh the bikers. i am so one of them. the only thing is, riding a road bike that close to the curb or the edge of the road is hazardous in itself. i've personally ridden my bike over a sewer and had it blow my tire up.

    if i ever encounter a group ride, i don't expect them to line up. i figure they are fulfilling their tour de france wish-needs.

    heh, fun times with roadies.

  3. I hear you sister!! I actually share a lot of these pet peeves. (grrrrrr to ketchup juice:)


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