Saturday, August 18, 2007


I have a bit of a rant.
It bothers me when people that I work with (in my organization) always brag or boast about who has the most fun team or the best team or whatever kind of team you want.
You know what? I think every single person who works in this organization is incredible and fun and solid. And I love my team. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. And of course I'm biased toward my team - I've gotten to know these people better than anyone else in this organization.
Someone asked me the other day if Jamie and I would open up a campus some day. I replied that we were open to it, but it would be so hard to leave our team because of the amazing relationships I have formed with each person as well as the amount of laughter and fun we have. All that to say that one day I probably WILL move on to another team, as will all of those other people who are so vehement with their claims that their team is the most fun or the best and then what?
Will they be dissatisfied with their new team? Will there be constant scrutiny for their new team to come under because nothing and no one will ever compare to their old team?
No. Your team is what you make of it. Enjoy it, but know that wherever you go is probably where you are supposed to be and that is the best team FOR YOU.
And that is my Saturday morning rant.


  1. Wow! Your post reminds me of C.S. Lewis. These are words to live by.

  2. Thanks guys. And thanks Justin. C.S. Lewis is one of my all time favourite writers.

  3. hehehe.. i have no idea if this is in response to my blog post containing that. i myself have done my best to refrain from the whole "best team" "funnest team" deal, as it is really just nonsense. i figured i would put it in there because it would ruffle some feathers. and i like doing that more than boasting about a team... :)

  4. hmm i think i agree with this post to a certain extent...although, I have to say that I often do joke about the staff team that i'll join being the 'funnest'.

    I think, most people (at least, i know i am) are hardly serious when they bring this up... it's just friendly competition. I'd be worried if people were taking it to extremes and becoming dissatisfied if they were to switch teams only because of the funness factor...but I don't know anyone who would actually feel this way for long.

    Anyways, i think that when people do boast about who has the most fun team, its all in fun and friendly competition, and not actually anything serious or even perhaps, true.

  5. The problem I see with even 'joking' about this is that it can foster discontent and comparison between teams.
    I also think it's a symptom that fun is an idol.

  6. Well said, Kirsten. You said what I wanted to, but couldn't formulate well enough to post another comment on my own blog. :)

  7. does it work the same way then, for schools who cheer during things like SUMMIT?

    because, i've always seen it as just good clean fun...


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