Monday, February 19, 2007


The drama begins...
Today I called the Dr's office and made an appointment to see Dr. B. So I go in on Wednesday. And then I decided I would call the midwifery clinic and see if I can get an appointment with them before I actually see the doctor. And now I'm all confused.
I talked to a woman (let's call her Tammy) and when I told her that I miscarried last month and I was using that as my "first day of last period" to figure out my due date she didn't sound optimistic. She was nice enough - but gave me something to worry about.
She said that it seemed to too early for me to have gotten pregnant already and that October 25th couldn't be my date - it would probably be early November.
She also said that the hormones that were detected with the home pregnancy test could be leftover in my body from the last pregnancy.
This could be true. However, when I was at the hospital after the miscarriage they did blood work and the doctor there told me that the hormone levels had dropped to almost non-detectable (meaning I had started to miscarry likely the week or so before).
Added to that I actually feel quite pregnant.
Exhausted in the evenings - I even feel like taking naps quite frequently.
Sore ... chest.
AND recently I just connected the dots that I've had a stuffy nose for the past week or so - but no cold! And then on the pregnancy website I've been visiting it was said to be quite common to have a stuffed nose - for the duration of the pregnancy! Ack!
Suffice it to say...I am pretty sure I AM pregnant.
I guess it's just the due date that is up for debate.
The good news is that Tammy said that they have room for me as a patient of theirs.
So that's great.
I won't have to be put on any kind of waiting list.
Wednesday just can't come soon enough!

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  1. Glad you're going with a thing to have besides Mom!
    I've never heard of the stuffy nose as a symptom ...but I've got large sinuses, so it didn't affect me!'ll all pass soon!
    October could be a very busy month!


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