Thursday, September 29, 2005

Shakin' things up

I love re-decorating. Or at least changing things and moving things around.
This afternoon Jamie, Erin, Olivia and I changed up the living room. It was in dire need of a face lift and we gave it one. We switched the couch from the kitchen (honestly, a kitchen with a couch in it?) to the living room and put the table in the living room into the kitchen. It's opened up the entire room and I love it. And it was like "While you were out", the decorating show on TLC that re-decorates a room with the help of someone while the owner is away from the home. When my mother-in-law came in the door I think she was a bit surprised, but she's learned to roll with the (weird) punches she gets living here at 4 Norgrove.
I seriously get HUGE satisfaction by seeing a clear and distinct change from the way things were at the beginning to how they are now. I love doing things that are hands on and I can just "get 'er done!".
But a thought just occured to me - where are we going to play poker now?
...insert shocked contemplation here...


  1. john will have to build his table!

  2. or we can do like the oriental and sit on pillows in a circle on the floor......
    yeah i'm liking that idea.....


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