Sunday, December 21, 2008

scratch my itch, please

Well I am just ITCHING to tell people. Now that we've told some of our extended family I just want to spill the beans.
Maybe I'll send an email on Christmas day or something. That could be fun. Hmmm...we'll see.
Well, the nausea/off feeling I've been having has pretty much subsided which is GREAT although I almost had another tongue-brushing episode a couple days ago. Ick. I keep forgetting not to be so vigourous with the brushing! Oh well.
And while Jamie said a few days ago that he thought I was beginning to show, I finally agreed with him this morning as I looked at myself and KNEW I hadn't just eaten an entire turkey feast so it HAD to be the baby. Exciting! It's starting a LOT earlier than with Noah. I was looking at pictures of me at 13 weeks and I was way skinnier than I was 10 weeks ago but I guess that's to be expected before you've ever had any children.
Here we go!!!

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