Thursday, August 6, 2009

One of “those Moms”

Oh my word. I just realized something. I'm one of "those Moms". "Those Moms" were the Moms that were posting on Facebook after their kiddies were born how much they loved being a Mom and how being a Mom was so great, blah blah blah. I hated those Moms when I first had Noah. Being a Mom was hard. Tiring. I had sore lady parts, a sore chest, experiencing major sleep deprivation and what the heck was my body doing now? Sure I could sleep on my stomach now that I wasn't pregnant, but sleep? What was that again? And uh, once my milk came in there was no way I was sleeping on my stomach with these girls aching every hour to have some sort of release. I was paranoid, anxious and experiencing a mild case of PPD (post partum depression). I couldn't get through singing "You are my sunshine" to Noah without bawling my eyes out or having to stop because of the asteroid-sized lump in my throat. I was anti-social, bothered by excessive noise and always "heard" the baby crying even if he wasn't.

But this time around is like a breath of fresh air. I am relaxed. Confident. And I'm happy. Jude is laid back, and when he does fuss, it's not the end of my world. It's definitely not the end of his either. He figured out the whole breastfeeding thing and took to it like a champ. Speaking of champs, he poops like one too. He does what babies do. Eat, sleep and poop. And this phase is so short – and I KNOW THAT this time around. And despite being, yes, a bit sleep deprived, I am enjoying it all.

Sure Noah is acting out a wee bit – today's trip to the grocery store was evidence of that – but like all of us, he's tired but doing well. He loves his baby brother and is sweet and gentle with him.

I had just lain down for a nap when my facebook status came back at me like a slap in the face: "Vanessa Strickland loves being a Mommy to her two little boys."

Yep. I'm definitely one of "those Moms".

Now…for that nap. (Jude will wake up in approximately 7 minutes – called it.)


  1. Congratulations on your new baby boy!!!

    I guess this means we'll be figuring out this whole "Mom of 2" together :-)

  2. Thanks!

    Yes, indeed. I've read your latest entry - I feel the same way. Going from none to one was way harder (so far) than one to two.
    Although gosh it's nice to have help from your parents, isn't it? :)
    My Mom just left...and hubby goes back to work soon so reality will set in, but having a laid back little guy sure makes my life easier!


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