Friday, October 23, 2009


I've really been wanting to blog more but just haven't found the time.
I've been going through a lot of things lately - some blogable, some not (shocking, I know) but the lack of sleep and busyness of life has ended up leaving this poor blog neglected. But I will get back into the swing of things!
A few things have happened (ha! I'm so sleep deprived that I initially wrote "Nappened" instead of "Happened") lately:
1. I turned 28! No biggie. It was nice and low key. Jamie and I went to a restaurant in Guelph that I went to once, exactly 2 years ago for my 26th birthday when I was pregnant with Noah. I absolutely loved it and have been wanting to go back ever since but for some reason kept forgetting about it. So we went. It was relaxing and delicious and Jamie and I had such good was really nice. Like in the good old days. :)
2. I have a 12 week old baby as of today!
3. As of Sunday I'll have a 2 year old - although you'd think by looking at him and watching his behaviour that I already HAD a 2 year old.
4. I got a YMCA membership. I've been a few times. I'd like to get there more often. We'll see.

Much more to come...

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