Saturday, December 3, 2011


we've been in jinja since thursday on a little getaway with our friend & coworker archie, who's joined us from canada.
jinja is located on the nile river and some of the places we've been to are absolutely gorgeous.

we went on a sunset cruise of the nile and we were the only ones on it! there were snacks a-plenty and even a barbecue on board for us all to enjoy to some eclectic tunes {kid rock, bob marley, coldplay, garth brooks...yeah. it was epic.}. 
we sat back and enjoyed the ride.
and then jude threw his nalgene bottle into the nile.

and our captain even turned around and fished it out of the water!

we've done lots of swimming and watched some christmas cartoons. we've eaten some yummy food {tonight we tried banana fritters - so good.} and there have been been some kids for the boys to play with here.
i am looking forward to getting back "home" and wonder at this homebody i've become.
homebody and yet...traveller still. it's interesting.

we've been reading our christmas story books and opening our advent envelopes {although today's was "Do a craft with Mom." and that was a bit of a fail as i didn't properly read the instructions. oh well.} and can't wait to get back to our house to go through all the goodies that archie brought from home for us.
so very thankful.

oh! also, our boys have slept in the same bed for the last couple nights here. the nights have not been super smooth, but they could have been worse. needless to say, both boys took 2+ hour naps today.
it's so good for all of us to continue to learn to be flexible. i'm just thankful they are used to sharing a room {which i 100% recommend}. 

happy saturday!


  1. you are the most non-homebody-homebody I've ever known haha! Sounds like a lot of fun :)

  2. It's amazing how you realize where 'home' is!! I laughed in shock when you said Jude's cup went into the Nile...but what a story to repeat someday...nice captain to rescue it!! God is in the small things!

  3. Sounds amazing V. How blessed to be able to enjoy mini holidays (hahah I typed "holidies" first, apparently I'm australian!) and have new awesome experiences while fulfilling God's calling. He really is just...such a loving God. Glad you're safe and that no one got eaten by crocs! :)


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