Wednesday, November 20, 2013

on being a school-mom

I am a school-Mama. My boys take the bus to school and so I get to meet the bus kids and parents and then I pick up my kids from school at the end of the day thereby getting to know the parents at the school. It's been fun and awkward and interesting. Interesting because all the other parents of first graders have been at the school {or a school} for the last two years. They know the routines, the teachers, the rules. But I'm the newb. It's okay, though, because I feel like I'm slowly getting the hang of things. 

Today I volunteered in Noah's class for the second time and somehow ended up in charge of making these incredibly complicated paper chain Christmas trees with the kids one-on-one. Seriously. These were hard core. I actually had to re-do one little girl's tree because I had totally done it all wrong. As my boys would say, awkward

But it's been good. I'm slowly figuring it out. Mainly I want to be involved with Noah's teachers, his friends and the school. I have no problems with bringing in baked goods to the office staff so I can get on their good side and be remembered. My Mom was involved at my school and while I am not nearly as extroverted as she is, I am doing my best to put myself out there and get to know the people that are seeing my kids for six hours a day. 

On Friday we have parent-teacher interviews with the boys' teachers and I'm looking forward to sitting down with them then.

On an aside, what do teachers want for Christmas? I know they probably get tons of chocolate and stuff. I love to give homemade/meaningful gifts, but I don't want to pile them with things they probably will get tons of anyway. Both boys have female teachers. 


  1. Some kind of homemade mix in a jar? That way as busy teachers they can still make something yummy. Like this for example. Love you!

    1. Yeah I am still thinking about that - love the link/recipe! Thanks!

  2. I love that you're walking this path before me: the Christian intentional family in the secular public school, because that's totally our desire and I love how you're already getting right in there. #rolemodel

    1. Thanks, Em! I can't picture us anywhere else. It's such a great school and I love how my kids are being exposed to so many different kinds of people from kids with special needs to kids from other countries to kids from different socio-economic backgrounds than us. It's beautiful!

  3. New reader to your blog (found you through Emily's A Day in Her Life series). I don't have kids, but I remember when I was in school my mom was always volunteering (and left her job to be a stay at home mom with us) and I remember it with such fondness that I have vowed to the do the same for my kids. It's nice to see that in this day and age, moms are still getting involved and I'm sure both your kids and the teachers appreciate that involvement. It's a gift to your children for them to always have that memory of their mother being so involved!

  4. Your kids will remember these days. thats why i'm volunteering in the school library every monday morning.. my mom volunteered in my school library when i was in school. baked goods for the office staff - i'll have to do that some time :) i had my first parent-teacher interview with elijah's teacher last night - loved it. chatting with her and discovering who my boy is when i'm not around. same deal for me - not as extroverted as my mom :) so i get it. it's not easy, but when we remember it's our kids..we want the best relationship with these people so communication can be open. my mom always knew our teachers, and principals up to high school. she made the effort and i loved that.
    as for gifts i don't know. i usually just get t he kids to do a card, since i have a hard enough time getting gifts for family. but at the end of the school year i gave the plastic cups with lids and straws filled with some sort of juice crystals package, some markers, a pen, some gummies..elijah picked out what we put in the cups. some yummy some practical items.


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