Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Haddon's 7 month letter

Dear Haddon

You are 7 months old and time is not slowing down at all!

You are quite the sweet, chilled out little man and you flash smiles at anyone who will give you some attention. You also let us know when you need something (sleep, food, attention) because you are LOUD when you need to be. 

You are pretty good about napping on the go and when we are at home or somewhere you can nap in a crib, you have actually decided to board the nap train and are actually napping for longer stretches. Finally! Good riddance to the 30 minute catnap! So I'm looking forward to productive mornings and naps in the afternoon come September once the boys are in school. Of course, I also need a nap in the afternoons because of your not so great nighttime sleeping habits. Still. But you'll get there. 

You are sitting, rolling, and on the verge of crawling. When we went camping last week (your first trip!) you rolled several times out of the small baby tent I had you sleeping in. You are a roller! But I'm thankful you aren't crawling yet because I'm not ready for a mover! 

You love water in any form; the bath, the pool or any lake! You kick your legs in excitement whenever you get close and tonight you tried to crawl in the water and got quite the mouthful of water. 

You haven't got any teeth yet and I had forgotten how long it takes babies to "get" eating so we are definitely taking our time with this solid food thing. You sometimes taste oatmeal, you gnaw/suck on apples, pears, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, bananas and once a pizza crust. 

You are now reaching out for us when we ask if you want "up". You giggle in acknowledgement when I ask if you if you want milk and it always makes me giggle too. 

Oh and you had your first haircut just to trim a bit off the top! It was quick and done in a few seconds. 

We all love hugging and squishing you and we are so glad you're in our family. I look forward to watching your friendships grow with your brothers. You are already much adored by us all!

We love you, baby!

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