Thursday, November 9, 2006


Bah! I tried to tape LOST last night and for some reason every time I try and tape programs on tv (and I do exactly the same thing Jamie does and it works for HIM) it doesn't tape!!!! Why!?!? I was anticipating watching LOST tonight with a nice hot mug of something nice, cuddling up in my beautiful bowl chair. But nope. Instead, I'm venting about it on blogger today.
Today has not been a very spirit-filled day for me. I have lived carnally and felt like cuddling up in bed and not getting out.
Do you ever have those kinds of days?
In the meantime, I dream of one day owning a PVR - which is like a Tivo. Which basically tapes all your programs without the hassle of tapes and silly buttons. But I am sure there are other hassles/electronic frustrations.

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