Friday, November 3, 2006


I like commercials.
Well, good commercials.
Commercials make me laugh, chuckle and even sometimes cry.
One commercial recently brought me to tears. It's for the Sick Kids Hospital and it's different shots of kids in the hospital (with broken arms, getting an MRI, etc.) singing "Lean on me".
I bawled.
And then just now a commercial for tostitos came on. It was a group of people sitting in an airport lounge and upon hearing their flight is delayed they all start talking and sharing tostitos and salsa. Who just happens to carry around not only a large bag of tostitos, but also a jar of salsa?
Sometimes I just don't get commercials - or at least the people that write them.

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  1. hey girl! I, too, love commercials! I like going to those "best of commercials" movie showings!!


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