Thursday, January 3, 2008


Update on books I've read:

Haroun and the Sea of Stories was a delightful book to read. Full of made up words and places it was like Dr. Seuss for grown ups.
I don't know how she does it was good but a little sad to read - I also thought it was a memoir until I got about half way through and realized the main character's name was different than the author's. Oops. An eye opener to how having kids changes your priorities (and rightly so).
The Girlfriend's Guide to surviving the first year of motherhood was honest, witty and sarcastic. Funny too. There were many paragraphs or one-liners that I wanted to type out and post on this blog but then they got to be too many and I got too lazy.
I have another book to pick up at the library but I'm not sure which one. Maybe I'll get there tomorrow.

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  1. I think Haroun and the Sea of Stories would be a good one to buy. It would be a good one to read out loud to Noah when he's older! Minus the sadness of the mom's infidelity... but you know... the words are good.


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