Sunday, December 13, 2009

good and hard

Last week we were up north for some training with work. I debated whether I'd go or not, but not for very long. It was the lesser of the two evils in my mind so I decided we'd go.
It was a good week.
I got to have some really good times of fellowship and chatting with some very dear friends - usually in the evenings once the kids had all gone to sleep.
But it was still hard. Noah would have at least one tantrum per meal. Screaming and throwing himself around. It was hard. And frustrating. It's food for goodness sakes! Delicious food too!
But in general it was a good trip. Noah stopped his screaming at bedtimes and naptimes and slept through the night without waking up at all.
Jude woke up more frequently, but I could deal with that (aka just giving him the boob to make him go back to sleep). (Although now I'm having to help him relearn that he can sleep for longer stretches without getting food!)

Anyway, I'm glad to be back home with a WONDERFUL bed to sleep in (unlike the hard taco Jamie and I called "our bed" for 5 days!) and so far the good sleep has continued (with both boys sleeping in today - Jude 'til 8:15 and Noah 'til 8:50!).


  1. sweet vaness,

    i've been thinking about this..if i could give you the gift of sleep/rest i SO would.

    during WC, do you want to go date some friends of yours? i could take care of the boys. i think i can handle noah's uproar!

  2. Oh Aban, I'm sad to say I won't be at WC this year. It's just a crazy season and being stuck in a hotel room with two kiddos is not my idea of fun so I'm opting out this year.
    I'll miss you though. And I WILL be in TO but staying with my Mom for the duration.

  3. did you see that i tweeted a couple days ago - "is there a word that means good but difficult? there should be."


  4. i'm glad it was good overall. the tantrums are so not fun. i understand those! they come with the territory, I guess. good call about WC - it's good for you to know your limits. at least you'll be able to visit Jamie without having to completely disrupt the kids lives and schedules (and yours!)


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