Thursday, December 17, 2009


This evening after dinner I sat down to quickly check out Facebook and whatnot and Noah comes into the kitchen with two pillows from the couch and says, "I lie down" and proceeds to lie down on the kitchen floor. My heart totally melted. I told him if he wanted me to lie down with him of course I would, but we'd lie down in the living room. So we squished onto his little pull-out Buzz Lightyear bed with the pillows and "Mommy's blankey" and watched a Christmas Veggie Tales episode together. It was so sweet and reminded me of the importance of being PRESENT with my kids. It's all too easy to be in the same space as them and yet not giving them my attention. Because of this, I got to spend a few sweet minutes with Noah cuddling and enjoying each other.


  1. That's awesome, Vanessa! What a great experience...and truth.

    I'm not sure if you ever read my blog "Doing nothing maybe something", but it shares a similar story with me and Connor. Just "being there" with (and for) your kid is incredibly valuable.

  2. Amen to that Vanessa!! Keep up with the 'awareness'...the rewards are great! xoxoxo


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