Thursday, December 17, 2009

christmas is finally here!

I caught it. Finally.
Today I got excited for Christmas. The joy, the anticipation, the excitement finally overcame me. I stopped thinking about all the work, the travel, the exhaustion and...uh, did I mention the work (?) that comes and will come with Christmas. Now more than ever with 2 little ones.
But for some reason I got into the Christmas spirit today. I read a beautiful poem my sister sent me that you can read here that just made me remember and dwell upon the true meaning of Christmas. Thinking about how Mary must have felt. Thinking about how Joseph must have felt. Wow. What a night. What an adventure. Amazing.
I watched The Polar Express with Noah (he was pretty excited about the "choo choo").
I thought about my family (MY family - Jamie, Noah, Jude). How I love them. How I'm so
thankful for them. How did I get so blessed? Why did God choose to bless ME with two healthy boys? I want to continue to become more like what Paul said he was, "Content in all situations." (my paraphrase).
Jamie asked me today if I think that I "HAVE to watch the boys" or I "GET to watch the boys". I pondered this. And then I said I have thought BOTH things.
I've been thinking about family.
I'm excited to see my family and friends and spend some time with them.
I'm excited to see my boys and watch them interact with our families.
I'm excited to eat good food!
I am excited and thankful and humbled by how much I have in my life. Family. Friends. Support. Love. Grace. Mercy. Understanding. Health.
Wow. I am a woman blessed.
Thanks be to Jesus.
The reason for EVERY season. (cheesy? Probably. but true!)


  1. That is a super cute pic of Judester. Jamie looks so different w/o facial hair.

  2. so glad I wasn't the only one moved by that poem! PS Jude looks like a WHOO from whooville in that pic so cute!


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